Smart Marino Phonepal

Smart Marino Phonepal

Smart Marino Phonepal is the newest maritime voice call service from SMART that features:

Coverage for 2/3 of the world

Smart Marino PhonePal’s service provides outgoing voice calls that can be made anywhere from Asia and the Pacific region to India and the Middle East extending to Africa and the Mediterranean all the way to Europe and parts of the North Atlantic.

World-class communication

Employ a prepaid, PIN-based calling service for Seafarers and crew members aboard your vessel. Our Service ensures world-class satellite coverage that delivers quality voice calls and reliable signals whenever, wherever.

Specialized seafaring equipment

Robust satellite phone terminals and communications equipment specially designed for the demanding maritime environment. Calls can be made on-board a vessel equipped with specialized plug-and-play SF2500 Terminal which comes packaged with an active antenna and accessories.

Tailored for the Filipino

Enjoy affordable rates and call charges fit for the Filipino budget with SIM-less terminals requiring only the use of Smart Marino PhonePal Call Cards. No SIMS means less complications which means that you can provide a communication service for your Filipino crew with no extra expenses.


With Smart Marino PhonePal, seafarers are able to call their loved ones at an affordable rate of Php 18.00 per minute for Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text subscribers, and Php 25 per minute for other mobile networks.

Denominations & Validity

Smart Marino Phonepal load credits are available through top-up cards in two (2) denominations:

  • Php 300.00 — valid for 75 days
  • Php 500.00 — valid for 120 days

Where To Buy

Availing the Smart Marino Phonepal top-up load is simple and easy. Contact us for more info or simply click the Buy Now button below.


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