Calling all OFWs in Hongkong, Korea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates. You may now load your TFC.TV account through KC Eloading Station!

TFC.TV is an internet-based video-on-demand and live broadcast service featuring television programs and video content from the Philippines’ leading channel ABS-CBN. It provides exclusive access to ABS-CBN’s latest news, entertainment & movies that can be viewed using your laptop, personal computer or mobile devices.

TFC.TV serves Filipinos worldwide by making movies, news and entertainment programs available on demand whenever and wherever they want it.

Why go TFV.TV?

  • Easy — You need only two things: a laptop or computer and a broadband connection! Watching popular ABS-CBN Shows is just a click away!
  • On Demand — All shows are archived so no need to worry about missing your favorite shows or teleserye episode.
  • Convenient — TFC.TV’s online content is available anytime, everyday. Schedule your ABS-CBN binge-watching whenever you feel like it.
  • Authentic Quality — You are assured of 100% original program uploads with excellent audio/ video quality.

TFC.TV Subscription Card

You can activate a specific subscription package directly to your TFC.TV account. 1-Month Premium, and 3-Month Premium packages are available in set retail prices in your region’s local currencies. Once activated, you can watch all the content available in the subscription package during the applicable subscription period.

Denominations & Validity

  • TFC.TV (Hongkong) — Php 250 (10-day Premium), Php 595 (1 month Premium)
  • TFC.TV (Korea) — Php 250 (10-day Premium), Php 610 (1 month Premium)
  • TFC.TV (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) — Php 260 (10-day Premium), Php 615 (1 month Premium)
  • TFC.TV (Singapore) — Php 235 (10-day Premium), Php 590 (1 month Premium)
  • TFC.TV (Taiwan) — Php 250 (10-day Premium), Php 585 (1 month Premium)
  • TFC.TV (United Arab Emirates) — Php 265 (10-day Premium), Php 625 (1 month Premium)

Where To Buy

Availing the TFC.TV subscription load is simple and easy. Contact us for more info or simply click the Buy Now button below.

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